Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vashi railway station to get better facilities –MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik visits the station

After visiting Thane and Mulund railway station, MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik visited Vashi railway station get to know the problems of the commuter’s hands on.
Vashi railway station is known for its state of the art infrastructure and design. It can also be termed as the busiest railway station of Navi Mumbai. Built in the year 1998, the station is also known as the International Infotech Park built on international standards. However, today it reels under many problems. To get to know the commuters’ issues, MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik visited the railway station in the early hours of the morning. He was accompanied by the station Head master and CIDCO officials. Inspecting the area, he also visited the platform and trains where he spoke with the commuters. Speaking to the media, he informed about the various issues.
He added that he’d take up every issue that has been brought to his attention by commuters with the General Manager of Railways. MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik also says that the railways should allocate special compartments for students during peak hours. While MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik has been visiting railway stations across his constituency and making many promises, how much will the young MP fulfill these promises is something that only time will tell.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Naik demands land for jetty in Mumbai
Guardian minister pushes water transport project
Thane District Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik demanded that the Urban Haat project should be handed over to NMMC for maintenance. "CIDCO's role is to build such fine projects but ultimately they should be handed over to the civic body for maintenance and upkeep," Naik said during the inaugural function of CIDCO's Urban Haat at the Vishnudas Bhave auditorium on Monday.
Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, who was the chief guest at the function, assured that once the process is completed, the project will surely be handed over in due course of time.
Naik also appealed to the CM to look into the delay in allocating land for a jetty near Radio Club in South Mumbai for the proposed water transport project to connect satellite city to Mumbai.
Naik, who is also state excise and environment minister, has been pursuing the authorities to push the project, which will connect Nerul to Gateway of India.
"Poor transport facilities still remains a hindrance for the city as commuters are stuck in heavy traffic and commuting to Mumbai takes hours. The water transport project can prove to be a boon as people can reach Mumbai in just 30 minutes by jetty. I request the CM to sanction the land at the earliest to facilitate movement on this stretch and provide commuters a viable alternative," the minister said.
Expressing unhappiness with CIDCO's system of allocating land to social organisations, Naik said, "I defer with the system as only the rich organisations will benefit from this system." Chavan promised to do the needful to ensure better transport facilities between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Note concerned of the election code of conduct and vital issues pending for discussions , members waste monthly general body meeting

Keeping aside all the vital issues on the agenda for the day and showing least concern for the limited time the present house has to discuss public issues, the monthly general body meeting of NMMC saw members spending over 4 hours on a felicitation proposal for Navi Mumbai’s first MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik. While one wouldn’t dispute that the MP deserved being honored, the time spent on doing the honors is something the corporators should have thought about.

Navi Mumbai’s first Mayor Dr. Sanjeev Naik is also Navi Mumbai’s first MP; hence it was apparent that this feat called for a felicitation proposal to honor MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik in NMMC. And the general body did – this week. Corporators from all parties praised MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik to the T for becoming the first MP from Navi Mumbai. Beyond any doubt MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik’s victory in the Thane constituency called for this recognition of his work, achievement and win but the hours that the members chose to spend over a felicitation proposal keeping aside all public work proposal on the agenda came as a major disappointment. The general body meetings are held once in a month and this was the first general body meeting of NMMC after Lok Sabha elections. It’s not like the corporators are unaware of how crucial it is to not waste any general body meetings because assembly elections are due soon. Once the election code of conduct comes into effect for the assembly elections, the general body meetings will not be conducted again. This would mean that several of the major public work that are on the agenda will either get less time for discussions or no time at all. This includes the hawker’s policy and major amendments in the development draft of NMMC that is likely to impact the infrastructure across the city. Besides this there were several other public work and questions of corporators that that were on the agenda but not showing a couldn’t-care-less-attitude, members chose to spend over 4 hours in one felicitation proposal. This despite the fact that members had spent another two hours on the same felicitation proposal in the special general body meeting held earlier this month. Such conduct of corporators in the house calls for norms or rules being put in place to limit time on felicitation and condolence proposals in the house so that justice can be done to the issues of public interest and welfare.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flattery overflows at General Body Meeting

City corporators tried to impress newly-elected Member of Parliament Sanjeev Naik during the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation's (NMMC) general body meeting held on Thursday at NMMC Headquarters in Belapur. Naik was invited by the House for felicitating him and in this process over four hours were exhausted flattering Naik for his intelligence, generosity and so on. Keeping aside all other issues, the House continued praising Naik. While some corporators insisted on their proximity with Naiks, others pressed on their role during elections and the good old relations with Sanjeev Naik and his family. The corporators also took opportunity to share their memories with the leader. "I stood besides Ganesh Naik (Dada) when he joined NCP from Shiv Sena. Since then I have been with him and was instrumental in gaining popularity for the party. I approached Sanjeev Naik in 2007 and he called me to meet. He took me to Morbe Dam from Belapur and it was then I tasted Morbe dam water. During the trip, we discussed several issues," NCP corporator Anant Sutar said.
The general body was also used by many to send political messages to the rivals as well as promote self interest. "Sanjeev Naik has been my college mate and during college elections also he didn't allowed me to win. However, now since he has reached Parliament, he should meet Rahul Gandhi and inform him about the various problems being faced by the city. Since NCP already have one Member of Parliament, it should leave both the assembly seats in Navi Mumbai to the Congress. NCP should be happy with one MP and let Congress have two Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA)," Congress corporator Dashrath Bhagat said. While corporators were busy promoting themselves, there were others to pull them down. Its not only councillors from NCP, but Shiv Sena corporator Vijay Mane also expressed gratitude towards Sanjeev Naik. "I wish to congratulate Naik for winning the elections and hope that he brings maximum central schemes and funds for the development of Navi Mumbai. At the same time, he addresses problem of people and corporators cutting across party lines." However, Rohini Bhoir, the other Shiv Ssena corporator displayed resentment for spending so much of general body's time only in felicitating Naik. "In our last meeting the general body spent two hours on discussing Naik's victory in general elections and today again four hours were spent on the same topic. General body is held to discuss public issues and such act neglects public issues, besides civic officials keeping aside all work to attend general body so this time should be utilised for some purpose," Bhoir added.
Nonetheless, it's not for the first time that the House has spent hours on flattering party seniors. In the special general body meeting held on June 9, the corporators spent over two hours pleasing Naik's victory. Meanwhile, all the public issues were neglected and the general body meeting ended after Naik's felicitation. When asked, Mayor Anjani Bhoir said, "Sanjeev Naik is our first mayor and was instrumental in implementing many projects during his tenure. Therefore, we decided to felicitate him. During the felicitation, the corporators also raised many problems and Naik assured to solve them."in command: MP Sanjeev Naik soaked in the praises for four hours of the general body meeting.
The credit goes to….
Besides flattering Sanjeev Naik, corporators also claimed credit for backing the NCP Member of Parliament during his victory in the elections. "It's with Congress support that Naik has won the elections, therefore now post-elections he shouldn't forget the party (Congress) leaders. He should address our problems in the same way as he would do to the issues brought by his partymen," Congress corporator Dashrath Bhagat said.
Likewise, another Naik's college mate Avinash Lad appeased his comradeship and claimed that his victory was possible only because of Congress' help. "Congress workers worked very hard during elections keeping the party differences aside. Sanjeev Naik's victory is result of the collective efforts by Congress and NCP," Lad said. Similarly, another Congress councillor Santosh Shetty claimed that Naik's victory in general elections was result of collective efforts by Congress, Republican Party of India (RPI) and NCP.
"Sanjeev Naik has won because of public support. Fifty percent of people voted for candidate, but at the same time he received equivalent support from Congress and RPI as he was the only candidate of the alliance," Shetty said. Commenting on this, NCP corporator Anant Sutar said, "Everyone is busy claiming credit for Naik's victory. Nine months back when he lost the elections he alone took blame for it. At that moment we decided to avenge that defeat."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

APMC merchants felicitate MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik

A felicitation ceremony was organized at the hands of the Grain, Rice and Oil Seeds Merchants Association at the APMC grain Market at Vashi. The guest of honor was the newly elected MPs Sanjay Dina Patil and Sanjeev Naik.

A ceremony of honor was organized at the Velji Lakamshi Napu – GROMA Hall at Vashi, by GROMA – the Grains, Rice and Oilseeds Merchants Association in order to felicitate MP Sanjay Dina Patil and MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik on account of their triumph in the recent Lok Sabha elections.

Established in 1899, the members of the 110 year old organization also conveyed their concerns like improper amenities at the nearest stations to APMC namely Sanpada and Turbhe, lack of lighting arrangements in the premises, inappropriate medical facilities and various taxes like service tax and entry cess levied on the traders by the central government. Replying to the same, both the MPs assured for considering the issues and problems of the traders and also presenting it in the parliament if required. Last but not the least, they also expressed gratitude to the merchants and traders who played a key role in the victory of the MPs in their respective constituencies.

STP, Parsik Hill park formally inaugurated

NMMC officials wore a proud look on Wednesday when NCP supremo Sharad Pawar, Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, newly-elected MP Sanjeev Naik and other dignitaries took turns to pat their back.
After inaugurating the STP in Nerul, the team proceeded to Parsik Hills to inaugurate the garden atop Morbe dam's water reservoir following which they attended a function at Vashi. The garden spread across 4000 sq meters offers a breathtaking view of the city and will lure morning walkers and joggers.
The highest spot in the city, water from Morbe dam will be pumped in to the reservoir and then released through newly-installed pipes by force of gravity, thus saving a lot of electricity, explained City Engineer Mohan Dagaonkar. The eco-friendly sewage treatment is the first of its kind in India and boasts of CTECH technology.
The Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) levels in the treated water are lower than those in River Ganga and can be safely used for domestic or industrial purposes, an official pointed out. Environment Minister Ganesh Naik said, "We wanted to start the good work from home and hope that the project will be replicated across the state."
Morbe dam, situated in Khalapur taluka of Raigad district on Dhavri river, 50 kms away from Navi Mumbai, is the satellite city's one of prime water sources. NMMC selected morbe dam as water supply source, and state government permitted NMMC to take over the dam on November 25, 2002.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

MP Sanjeev Naik meets commuters at bhayander Railway Station

Newly-elected Member of Parliament Dr. Sanjeev Naik wasted no time after taking the oath in New Delhi and immediately sought an audience with the rail ministry to put forth the problems faced by city commuters. The MP was in Bhayander railway station to get hands on information on the problems that commuters face during traveling.

A look at the Bhayander railway station will tell you how much it is in need of more frequent trains. As each train that arrives at the station is quickly filled by scrambling commuters till the train is choked till the doors. It’s not the fault of the people as the commuters inform that there is a variation of atleast 1 hour between trains. Sometime even women commuters have to hang from train entrances.

To get to know this issue of the commuters, newly elected MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik visited the Bhyaander railway station and met the commuters on the train as well on the platform to know about their problems and issues. Speaking to the media, Dr. Sanjeev Naik stated that the Bhayander railway station was over 10 years old because of which the infrastructure was quite old. He stated that there was a need to implement newer plans for the convenience of the commuters by increasing the timing and frequency of trains. Speaking on the demand of a separate train for women, he stated that a survey would be done and then the changes implemented. As of now, the trains are so jam packed that there is no proper space for women, senior citizens or physically challenged.

Dr. Sanjeev Naik informed that he personally met Union Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee and requested her to look in to the demands of the Thane city. Very soon a detailed draft would be prepared by them and submitted it to the ministry. The young MP is leaving no stone unturned and is even meeting ministers of surface transport, shipping and ports next week to seek sanctions for the water transport project proposed by him. If sanctioned, this project will help connect Navi Mumbai to Gateway of India in Colaba and help ease traffic problems in city.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dr. Sanjeev Naik takes oath as member of parliament in the 15th Lok Sabha

Its official – Dr. Sanjeev Naik took oath in parliament and became the first Member of Parliament from Navi Mumbai who will represent Thane constituency in Delhi.

Together they presented the united colours of India. They dressed differently, took the oath in many languages, swore by God, Bhagwan, Allah and Khuda but the member of the 15th Lok Sabha show cased many nuances of many cultures and a deepening democratic tradition. Navi Mumbai it was a glorious moment as Dr. Sanjeev Naik – Navi Mumbai’s first Mayor was sworn is as Member of Parliament. Taking the oath in Marathi, Dr. Sanjeev Naik became the first Member of Parliament from Navi Mumbai who will represent Thane constituency in Delhi.
Now that the MPs have taken their oath, it is now time to deliver the promises they made during elections in their respective constituency.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Newly elected MP Sanjeev Naik plans water transport services in Thane

The newly elected Thane MP Dr Sanjeev Naik has assured of giving priority and providing water transport in the Thane creek area.

The newly elected Thane MP Dr Sanjeev Naik had proposed to provide water transport facility in Thane creek in his political agenda. In a recently held workshop organized by Agri Samaj Prabodhan in Thane, Dr Sanjeev Naik informed that the water transport project. He also informed that many projects are left half completed due to the lack of attention of the politicians and the Government. During this workshop Dr Sanjeev Naik and MP from Bhiwandi Suresh Taware were present. Present as the chief guest were MLC Manda Mhatre and opposition party leader Advocate Datta Patil.