Sunday, March 15, 2009

First mayor Dr.Sanjeev Naik meet muslims at Nerul durgah.

After the CIDCO demolished the illegal extensions made by the durgah on Thursday, the community gathered in thousands during the Friday prayer to protest the action of CIDCO. Navi Mumbai First Mayor Dr. Sanjeev Naik’s presence during the same time brought down the temperatures as first mayor appealed to all sides to settle the issue amicably.

Tension still prevails at the Nerul Durgah situated on Palm Beach Road after CIDCO demolished the illegal extensions made at the Durgah without requisite permissions. While the day of the action had witnessed hundreds of Muslims protesting CIDCO’s drive, the second day being a Friday saw a mammoth crowd gather at the Durgah as thousands of Muslims arrived from all over Navi Mumbai and nearby cities arrived at the Durgah for Friday prayers. First Mayor Dr. Sanjeev Naik, who has always been NCP goodwill ambassador for all community including the Muslim community met with the believers at the durgah. He heard the hurt sentiments of the community and appealed to the Muslims to join hands and find an amicable solution to CIDCO’s action. The leader has assured the community of justice and doing everything possible so that the demands of the durgah and the Muslim community are met without breaking the rules and norms of the state. Speaking to the media, Dr. Sanjeev Naik emphasized on the need to solve the issue peacefully.

As the city grows and the number of devotees visiting each religious home increases, it is evident that the religious places will make extensions like many have in Navi Mumbai. Hence, the approach of Dr. Sanjeev Naik, in whose leadership the Muslim community strongly believes in, promises to do justice to the Muslim community under the umbrella of the rules and norms of the book.

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