Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NCP candidate Sanjeev Naik’s Interview

The Indian Express,
Thursday, April 16- 2009,

Q 1 Have you been introspecting after your defeat in May 2008 in the Thane Parliamentary by- polls?
Ans: Yes, of course. There were several reasons for the defeat. First: We Didn’t get expected lead in Navi Mumbai owing to the large number of Non-Marathi Population. Second: We did not got expected lead in Navi Mumbai owing to the large Number of Non-Marathi Population. Third: my nomination was announced quite late and we had very less time for preparation to cover the large Thane constituency. Since the defeat, we have devoted our time into analysis of the poll data and trying to fix those problems.
Q 2 Since the victory of BJP’s Ramchandra kapse in 1989, Thane Seat has been dominated by the BJP-Sena combine and has several pockets with loyal voters of the saffron alliance. Do you plan to canvass in such areas?

Ans: I will campaign in all area irrespective of their political leanings. So far the response I am getting from the people who are “So Called Sena-BJP voters’ is overwhelming. I will also be campaigning in Naupada in Thane city which is traditionally considered to be full of saffron voters and I have years of performance to show to the people.

Q 3 What are the Issues that you are highlighting in your campaigns?

Ans: I will be showcasing Navi Mumbai to the people of Thane. The Planned development is for everybody to see. I Strongly feel that candidates should have vision and my vision is holistic development. In Navi Mumbai we have worked towards reducing the impact of rapid urbanization on the environment . Navi Mumbai’s is the only civic body to have its sewage treatment plant. I believe other civic bodies should also have their own sewage treatment plants. I also have plans for decentralization of sewage treatment plants with the big housing complexes having their own sewage treatment plants.

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