Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dr. Sanjeev Naik Wins Thane seat with margin of 49,020 votes

DNA News,
The celebrations begun at 9 am when NCP candidate Sanjeev Naik had a clear lead of 350 votes after the initial five rounds of counting for the Thane Parliamentary constituency held at Wagle Estate in Thane on Saturday. Giving a big blow to Shiv Sena-BJP alliance in its traditional bastion, Naik, the elder son of Maharashtra Minister Ganesh Naik, won by a clear margin of 49,020 votes becoming the first Member of Parliament from Navi Mumbai.

While Naik grabbed 3,01,000 lakh votes, his rival Vijay Chauguley of Shiv Sena polled 2,51,980 votes. Political observers attributed the stunning success of Naik to the 'MNS' factor, which ate into the votes of the saffron alliance. MNS candidate Rajan Raje's substantial count of 1,34,840 votes surprised many. Even BSP candidate Avanindra Kumar Tripathi performed well bagging 14,192 votes. The cheering was accompanied by whistles and slogans in favour of their beloved leader. By 10 am, the scene resembled a party with flags flying high, loud beating of drums and party members dancing their way to glory.

Though Naik walked out of the counting booth only after 2 pm, the eager crowd had become so impatient by then that the police officials had to resort to force to control the huge mob. A large number of women party members too had gathered at the counting booth making preparations to welcome Naik with garlands and traditional 'aarti'. After 11 am, the women were seen engaged in an animated conversation about what dress to wear for the evening party.
A heavy police bandobast was seen in Thane and many were upset for not being allowed inside the centre. An area of 1 km around the centre was cordoned off by police. Many criticised the choice of the counting centre too as the secluded industrial area had no food outlets or seating arrangements.

The large crowd of people who had gathered to cheer their leader and mediapersons had a tough time killing the long hours in the sun before the final result was declared at 2 pm.The lone tea vendor, however, made brisk business through the day. 'Jai Ho' remained the favourite slogan all day through.

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