Monday, May 18, 2009

Factors to Dr.Sanjeev Naik’s Victory

He went, he saw, he conquered – that’s the story of this young man who has conquered Thane – that is believed to be the Shiv Sena castle. While there are many factors that lead to the victory of NCP’s Dr. Sanjeev Naik in Thane constituency, there is no denying that Dr. Sanjeev Naik has achieved what many believed was unachievable. And credit for this first and foremost goes to Navi Mumbai’s first family – the Naik family’s work of continuously promoting secularism & brotherhood in Navi Mumbai. The work done by the Naik family headed by Ganesh Naik in presenting the secular & vibrant image of Navi Mumbai at all levels is incomparable. The results of these elections are a proof that voters across Thane constituency have acknowledged his work and have great respect & affection for the Naik family.
And the secular magic of Ganesh Naik has spread from Navi Mumbai to the entire Thane constituency. Besides this, Sharad Pawar’s road show and dal bal efforts with two sabhas in this constituency also hit the right chords with the voters.

The victory could definitely not have been possible for the credentials of the candidate himself. Dr. Sanjeev Naik’s experience and work record as the first Mayor of Navi Mumbai, his hard work, clean image and educational qualifications appealed massively to voters. May be that’s why in an interview with media News itself, Dr. Sanjeev Naik had voiced confidence of a victory. The tradition of secularism & communal harmony is the hallmark of the Naik family & Dr. Sanjeev Naik makes one believe that it is being followed generation to generation. The results have proved that the support to the Naik family was never as heady and strong as it is now.

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